Spinach Dip

$9.95 (8-10 Servings)

It’s the classic…. spinach, sour cream, mayo, water chestnuts, and veggie soup mix.

Fresh Salsa

$4.75 (8-10 Servings)

Our house made fresh salsa- you say it’s some of the best in town!

White Cheese Dip

$4.95 (6-8 Servings)

Just a hint of pepper jack cheese makes this just slightly spicy – Great combo with the fresh salsa!

Catch-a-Man Dip

$10.95 (8-10 Servings)

Cheddar cheese, bacon, green onion, and mayo – not fat free but deliciously addictive!

Gourmet Chicken Salad

$11.95 (4-6 Servings)

Sam’s smoked chicken is chopped and married with pineapple, celery, almonds, mayo, and just a touch of curry.

Pimento Cheese

$7.95 (4-6 Servings)

Simply – cheese, mayo, and roasted pimento peppers – delish!