What Is
Make A Meal?
Make A Meal, Conway's premier meal assembly

What exactly is a "meal assembly service?".

We have taken the work out of cooking. Our business offers at least 15-20 different
delicious meals, plus side dishes and desserts! All the items are assembled, frozen
and ready for you to take home and heat in your oven. No appointments needed.
You can "Make A Meal" in minutes! Just stop in, select your main dish, side dishes,
bread, dessert and you'll be home with supper in the oven before the nightly news

Okay, I might be interested. Where are you located?

Make a Meal is located at 2730 Prince Street, just in front of Playworld. Make a
Meal is owned by well known local caterers,
Sam and Carla Bentley of Conway Concessions & Catering.

Sounds like a great idea but I don't have time to thaw a frozen
meal. Do you have fresh items available?

We always have freshly prepared meals available for dinner tonight! These meals
are prepared today and held in our refrigerator. No thawing, just take home, heat
and serve!